The culture of Kent is an eclectic one, full of interesting people, a passion for the arts, a love of the environment and plenty of fair trade coffee. Although corporate conveniences such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are located just meters away from campus, a great deal of students make the trek to Scribbles Coffee Co. Why? Because unlike any other coffee shop in Kent, Scribbles has established itself not only as a hub for enjoying a warm latte on a chilly day, but as a cultural hotbed where innovations, poems and songs are shared as you’re surrounded by books, yarn-bombed tables and art installations.

Just as Scribbles is a satisfying hodgepodge of all that Kent is, this Fashionista’s assortment of brooches, necklaces and hair clips is very pleasing to the eye. This Fashionista demonstrates that coordinating patterns can be done on a large and small scale simultaneously, as you can see she did with her boots, socks and dress. Instead of choosing a solid colored pair of socks, a pair of like-colored patterned socks complemented her boots just fine. Continuing with the coordinated pattern theme, the pattern of this Fashionista’s dress is strong enough to compete with her boots but doesn’t overtake their contribution to her outfit. She also shows us a perfect way to wear our favorite dresses in the winter—with an oversized sweatshirt!

This Fashionista keeps warm with a piece that I raved about in a recent post of mine—an oversized coat. With a faux fur collar and a black and navy blue color-block, both add a luxe touch to this specific coat. The accessories that were most prominent in this outfit were also the smallest. A small flock of colorful wooden parrots pinned gracefully onto the lapel of her coat are guaranteed to evoke a smile on even the snowiest of days! A layered variety of unique necklaces resonate against the solid knit of her sweater and make great conversation pieces. And really, how can you not win representing your home state of Ohio and having a donut hanging off your neck? One of my most treasured keepsakes is a tiny Pikachu hair clip that I got from a coin machine many years ago. With inspiration from this Fashionista, I might just bring it out after retiring it about 12 years ago. Whimsy, great coffee and inspiration—what more could a girl ask for?

How To: If none of these small pieces are in your possession right now, head over to Etsy immediately and acquire some, while supporting some really awesome strangers. Add some pizzazz in unexpected places with some artfully created pins and make a cheery statement with a quirky necklace.