ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Power Of Purple

March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s a Wednesday or “hump day” as some like to call it, and we are struggling to get through it. The Netflix binge session you had on Sunday seems light years away, and there’s still two days until Friday. So, one can understand the struggle of “hump day.” In order to get through the ever so dreaded Wednesday, be bold in your outfit choices. You’ll liven up your own mood as well as those around you just by picking out something fun to wear. Of course, it is still important to be comfortable in your choices, as you will still be sitting in class throughout the day. A fun item could be anything as simple as a unique necklace, a big hat or bold printed pants.

This Fashionista dressed in a grunge casual manner, wearing a purple cardigan over a black distressed dress.  She decided to be bold with her tights by picking out a fun plum colored pair instead of the simple black tight that most people would choose. To accessorize, she wore a fun necklace that added a little bit extra to the outfit as well as a plethora of earrings.  She wore black combat boots that gave her that effortlessly cool look and added to the grunge style along with a matching black purse. Overall the look was different and fun and added to the dreariness of the Wednesday blues.

How To: The next time you buy new tights try picking out a bright color that is daring enough to be different and subtle enough to go to class in. And always remember, Wednesday’s don’t have to be that miserable if you’re wearing a cute outfit.