ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Power of Pinstripes

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Power of Pinstripes

I caught this Fashionista on her way to the holy land—an interview with Marie Claire. In the hopes of locking down a year long internship at the Marie Claire Los Angeles office, our Fashionista knew both her skills and her look were under careful consideration. The challenge was finding a fit that was professional, practical, and of course, fashion-forward.

In an article written in November of 2016, Vogue staffers suggested showcasing personality through style when attending an interview. However, they also recommended not wearing anything too flashy or expensive. Dressing in something unique ensures that an employer finds you memorable even after he or she has conducted a number of interviews.

Being well-groomed and having a chic outfit for an interview helps make a good first impression. In order to keep the overall look business appropriate, Fashionistas turn to the details to add flare. Jewelry, bags, and other fun accessories can take a look from boring to bold. And hello, nothing says prepared like a pinstripe. This Fashionista rocked striped trousers from Alice + Olivia, cream peep toe, slingback heels, a gold tassel necklace, and a modish blazer. Instead of adding a pop of color, she wore elongating stripes and cool pumps. Additionally, for functionality and trendiness, she brought a Kate Spade briefcase and wore a pair of Tom Ford glasses.

I hope this article can be helpful for all of those Fashionistas out there who are starting to apply for summer jobs and internships! Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have!