ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Personalized Professional

With second semester coming in full-swing, the pressure of landing a coveted summer internship or job is feeling very real. January is a time of resume editing, cover letter perfecting, and interview prepping, in hopes of being able to convey to a company how much you could rock your summer internship if given the chance! One of the nerve-racking aspects of this whole process goes back to the timeless question of “what will I wear?”. Then proceeding it with a drawn-out thought process of how you’re going to show your personal style while still keeping it professional. The perfect way to solve this problem is to start with your basics and capitalize on some outfit details that let your personal style shine through, just like this Fashionista did!

Her day-to-day look is usually very bohemian/rocker (think Rebecca Minkoff). She took that aesthetic and channeled it in to her outfit details to create a look for a professional function that allows her personality to shine through as well! She kept the base of her outfit neutral with some simple gray jeans and a short-sleeve cream blouse. Now with a blank canvas as an outfit she added layers with her long blazer and a statement necklace as the perfect stand-out accessory that helped to better express her personal style! Throw on some velvet booties for a finishing touch that will surely pop.

In an interview there is always that inevitable question “so tell me about yourself.” You have to pause and think about how to balance your professional and personal information to correctly depict the kind of person you are to this potential employer. Your professional outfit should be given the same thought process! Start with your professional base (neutral top and bottoms) and sprinkle in personal facts and details (shoes, jewelry, layers) to show off a well-rounded you! This Fashionista hit the mark with her details and shows off the perfect way to blend professional and personal for an interview day!