ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perks Of Being A Pattern

Patterns are friends, not foes. If only this advice was extended to more people, then perhaps the streets would be covered with polka-dot sleeves and pin stripe pants existing harmoniously. Mixing patterns is such a unique way to spice up an everyday outfit. College living is anything but ordinary, so why not reflect that in what you wear? This Fashionista uses patterns to her advantage in order to pop a casual look that works for any number of occasions. Riveting study sessions, beating the lunch rush or even lounging on the quad can be spiffed up with a mix of lines and shapes.

This Fashionista has the right idea in mind for beating the windy mountain weather with a knit beanie and thick coat but doesn’t let the cold stop her from looking glorious. A printed T-shirt paired with an ever so necessary flannel makes this look attainable and cool. Add to it the unstructured bag and thick checked scarf to ward off the weather and a peace offering from patterns is the result. The peace offering? An outfit that shows off originality and snazziness.

How To: A great way to start out on the pattern journey is to choose different patterns in the same color scheme. Blacks, grays and whites match without fault so try black top with a pop of color and leave your comfort zone with a pair of polka dot pants for a quick and chic look.