ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perfect Scarf

February 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Snow has officially arrived and it doesn’t look like it plans on going anywhere anytime soon. It’s one of those few times a year when what you’re wearing on the outside is what actually matters! Okay, not really—but when it’s wet and snowy outside and everyone is just focused on bundling up in as many layers as possible, most likely people will only notice what their eye catches at first glance.

It’s not too difficult and it’s definitely far from impossible to stay warm and still look great. A long, heavy coat is vital, but of equal if not more importance is wrapping yourself in a comfy and chunky scarf. This Fashionista clearly gets it; she’s sporting both pieces to form this dynamic duo. With snowflakes literally falling on our heads as I photographed her, she used the looped around part of her never-ending scarf to cover the bare parts of her face as well. A winter scarf would be the perfect go-to item to splurge on if you’re ever feeling adventurous.

Because she is wearing all black, the burgundy added a funky pop of color to her otherwise basic look. Coincidently, it also matched shockingly well with her backpack, which is quite difficult to pull off in the winter!

How To: Any knee length black coat and a fun scarf is a great way to get this look for yourself. The topknot bun gives off a chic but casual vibe as well and will ensure that your hair will stay out of your face when those strong gusts of wind come directly your way. Any up-do or hat should do the trick in this harsh and unpleasant weather.