This detail is bound to transform any ordinary look to an exceptional look. Hats used to only be worn to protect yourself from the sun, but as you can see this Fashionista is wearing it as a fashion statement. In Oxford, Ohio I wish we saw more of the sun, but here a hat is typically worn for a fashion statement.

This Fashionista’s outfit is very stylish, but accessorizing with a hat makes all of the difference in this ensemble. If you wake up late for class or are running out the door the best way to transform your outfit without wasting time is grabbing a hat and I’m not talking about a baseball hat. These hats can be difficult to find the right one depending on the shape of your head, but once you do find the right one, you will get a lot of use out of it.

Some quick tips to help make this process easier include: if you have an oval shaped head look for hats that have large brims (either floppy or straight), if you have a round head you should look for an irregular brim and a prominent crown (as well as a vertical design to elongate your head), a rectangle head should wear a hat with uplifted or full brims that will help lengthen your head as well. There are many more types of head shapes besides the ones that I have included so make sure to look up other tips in order to help make your hat process that much easier!

How To: Research your head shape and look for the type of hat that will flatter your head the best! This will enhance your look and give you more confidence and style than ever before.