ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Perfect Clash

Growing up, we all learned at least one fundamental rule of fashion, which is don’t mix your prints. Mixing prints can easily tread a thin line between successful execution and looking like a mess. If this look is not done properly, your outfit will just become an eyesore to everyone around you. However, don’t worry because this outfit is a great example of how to make clashing prints work.

This Fashionisto is wearing stripes and floral, which are two prints that usually would be very difficult to wear together. One reason why this look is still cool is because he slips in the patterns in a more discrete way, rather than being bold and over the top. Another reason why it works is because he is incorporating a general color scheme. Blue and white go together almost as well as peanut butter and jelly. These two colors are used as transitions throughout his whole outfit, which show consistency. This continuous flow of color make the clashing prints easier to accept because they are being shown in a more natural way.

This Fashionisto’s stripe patterned shirt was designed with a less overwhelming graphic. If the whole top were striped, this would’ve made the clash too excessive. His ripped skinny jeans and white Converse sneakers added an urban vibe, and made his outfit look more relaxed. The floral 5 panel hat is very popular because of its cool print and shape. The hat paired with gold round framed sunglasses added a different type of edge.

How To: A great way to make these components look just as great on you would be to know what patterned tops or bottoms in your closet already look good on you. Next, pairing it with a different patterned accessory, like a hat or a purse of the same hue, is how you turn this look into your own. Also, touches of gold or silver jewelry are awesome additions to tie the whole outfit together.