I guess backpacks started to feel left out when their owners went on summer break. A lot of the time, backpacks are just bad reminders of finals week, lugging textbooks and study guides across campus. Then when summer rolls around, we shove them to the back of our closets (after burning their contents), hoping to forget anything and everything that has to do with school. So I assume backpack marketing people began to notice a  summer slump in sales and conspired a plan to reinvigorate our love for the bag. And thus, the mini backpack was born.

This isn’t your typical JanSport, people. The mini backpack can be found in so many creative varieties, guaranteeing zero thoughts of academia. The one worn by this Fashionista is cream leather, has gold detailing and chain straps. It’s small enough that you’ll never be able to fit bulky binders (which is what we’re avoiding at all costs), but big enough for toting around summer essentials. It’s the perfect combination of chic and functional. Backpacks are great for summer, because they are handy for touring new cities, theme park hopping or heck, helping you be the best dressed on your hiking trip! If you take something like this hiking, please don’t tell anyone I told you to do so.

How To: This Fashionista did a lot of great things with this outfit. She mixed dressy and casual pieces, but still allowed the backpack to take center stage. She paired her knotted skirt with a simple tank top. Her lace up sandals bring even more visual interest to her look. Even if a large backpack is really cute, I still suggest sticking with a smaller one, simply because it has less of a traveling or academic feel and more of a casual vibe.