One of my favorite models right now is Bella Hadid. In the upcoming July issue of Glamour magazine, Hadid looks beautiful and summery in golden tones head to toe. Summer is all about getting a golden, bronze tan. So why not capture some of that golden glow by adding golden accessories to your outfits! I personally love gold jewelry; I love the way a hand covered in gold rings looks or the way a new gold necklace can give new life to a simple outfit.

This Fashionista is rocking gold in all of her accessories. The most underrated category of accessories are watches. While clocks on our phones watches aren’t a necessity anymore, what caught my eye first was this Fashionista’s gilded watch. A watch adds sophistication to any outfit; this particular one had an added golden bonus with the jewels inside of it which reflected the sun and added some natural shine to her outfit! The Fashionista’s necklace also stood out to me against her black dress. Wearing a neutral colored dress as the main piece of her outfit let the accessories stand out and take the attention rather than the actual clothing. Sometimes it really is all in the details!

How To: Always find yourself buying silver jewelry? Switch it up by trading silver for gold. Almost any boutique or store you go to you can find gold covered necklaces, earrings and bracelets. For me, I know I have a few key rings I always wear, so if you just can’t part with your all of your silver accessories, try adding gold into your outfit like this Fashionista did with her shoes! That way you get the best of silver and gold!