May 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

The semester is ending and so is the cold weather! The favorites of everyone’s summer wardrobe are ready to be let loose. But whether you wear shorts, tank tops or spring dresses, there will be that one cold day where you will have to break the coat out one last time.

I am sure every Fashionista has put together an adorable spring look only to have her hopes dashed by the weather and her outfit hidden beneath an unwanted coat. On a day where most of your outfit is covered it helps to have your outerwear be the focus of your look. Every Fashionista should have a sleek and sophisticated coat. There are many different styles and features to choose from so whether you prefer a coat that is a bit simpler, intricate or lightweight every Fashionista can find a piece that will be great investment to her wardrobe.

It was a cold day in the midst of a beautiful spring week when I saw this Fashionista. With temperatures low she was right to don her sleek black coat. Her look comes across as minimalistic and warm but still appropriate for spring. Her coat is a focus point in her look because of the clean lines, zipper detailing and lapel. This Fashionista went for a monochromatic look by keeping her outfit in grays and blacks among her turtleneck, coat, skinny jeans and booties. Overall, her look comes across as sleek and elegant mostly in part because of her outerwear.

How To: Does the forecast mention cold weather? No worries! Throw on your outfit and add your favorite coat on top. For a unique feature add accessories like a scarf or pins.