ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Key to Simplicity

February 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Key to Simplicity

Happy Valentines Day everyone! In honor of this fun holiday I found a Fashionista who had a perfectly pink and classic outfit! Not only was this outfit superbly fitting for the occasion, but it had some amazing details in the accessories that are truly eye catching. This outfit is fantastically festive while still being easy and comfortable enough for the classroom.

She is wearing a blush pink dress with a tapered waist that is extremely figure flattering, along with a high neckline that keeps things professional for class and work. She paired a cardigan of the exact same shade of pink along with the dress, adding another layer that created some more visual interest while keeping things simple and classy. The cardigan on a more practical note added some warmth, since it can get chilly here in the bay area!

For accessories, this Fashionista had on a beautiful pearl and crystal statement necklace which kept to the classy and feminine tone she set for this outfit. The necklace also worked perfectly with the neckline of her dress, adding just enough dimension.

She also paired a classic leather bow watch that is the exact same shade as her heeled booties. The exactitude of the shades of leather complemented each other, drawing the eye from her wrist all the way to her feet!

This Fashionista’s outfit was very simple, but because of all the eye grabbing accessories, it was taken to another level while staying classic and chic. Take note from this Fashionista next time you’re trying to figure out how to upgrade a simple but classic outfit!