The ’90s has to be one of my favorite eras of fashion. I’m obsessed and inspired by the whole grunge movement. It was a time of rebellion and being yourself. Plaid flannel shirts, distressed jeans, Dr. Martens and dark, natural makeup all scream ’90s. This decade is still prominent in fashion today because we still see it on the runway and in street style fashion. Fashion lovers are still tying plaid shirts around their waists, wearing Dr. Martens like combat boots and rocking destroyed denim. The ’90s trends are here to stay!
When I spotted this Fashionista in my algebra class, her plaid cape gave off a ’90s grunge vibe. It was a different take a on plaid shirt. She layered her cape over a plain gray sweater. To give her look an extra edge, she wore black leather leggings. Black leather Chelsea boots completed this Fashionista’s outfit. What stood out the most was her blue hair and dark lips. They added an extra grunge element to her look. The dark lip and colored hair was a trend in the ’90s that I also loved.
How To: Want to add a ’90s element to your outfit with an updated twist? Try a plaid cape. It’s a comfortable alternative to the typical plaid flannel. It’s perfect to layer over a plain sweater. You can pair your cape with leather leggings, like this Fashionista did, or black jeans with slits at the knees? A dark berry lip completes this grunge look. And don’t forget your combat boots!