ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Grunge King Of The Jungle

You know when you stand in front of the mirror and just want to yell “eureka!” because you’ve found the perfect outfit? Something that always makes for a great outfit is when each piece and detail works cohesively to achieve the look you are trying to portray. With that being said, I feel I have neglected an important element of the fashion world and that is the Fashionistos on Kent’s campus. They provide many different elements of style that no matter how great, Fashionistas just cannot provide.

Starting with this Fashionisto, the first detail I want to focus on is his leather patched pants. This is a very small detail that takes his outfit to another level but keeps his look very masculine at the same time. It also gives his look an edgier feel, which translates into his tunic and jacket. His tunic is a very fashion-forward trend that creates a grungier look; there is also a very light graphic print that helps tie in the black pant with more edge.

Let’s also not forget his recently trending urbanized camouflage print Reeboks. These have a more urban grungy feel with their sleek structure and trendy print. Finally, this Fashionisto’s jacket adds a personal touch that helps him express his own personality but pull in a masculine touch in a more punk way. The jacket reads, “Kill or Be Killed,” which I think is really interesting. I often wondered why sayings like this were on clothing but I see that first off, it is a personal expression of the wearer, but secondly, it draws the attention of the viewer and can encourage them to not be afraid to express themselves and wear what they want.

The combination of the punk leather pants, the graphic print tunic, the camouflage shoes and the cutting edge printed army green coat all contribute to a more urban fashion-forward grunge look that still expresses personal taste.

How To: Finding a good black pant with leather is key. When pairing it with a simple graphic T-shirt and either denim jacket or fashion forward printed jacket the perfect shoe is always important to top off the look. For the Fashionistas, you can also look for a leather pant or legging for a punk look. An oversized T-shirt for comfort and simplicity can be complemented with a flannel around your waist. Throw on a light wash denim jacket to top off the look. Also, a black beanie and a high-top tennis shoe will provide comfort and finishing details.