ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Good Old Boyfriend Jean

Ugh, boyfriends. Sometimes they’re sweet and funny, other times they’re the bane of our existence as fashionable college women. They just don’t seem to understand why certain items are trendy and why others aren’t. A perfect example of this is the good old boyfriend jean. We love them because they’re comfy, they’re versatile and, most importantly, they make an instant statement. But for some reason, most of the guys in our life just can’t seem to get on board with the baggy, shapeless style of these jeans.

However, for we adventurous fashion addicts, boyfriend jeans are an essential wardrobe staple and come in a variety of washes and fits. Some of my favorite pairs are intensely distressed, like the ones this Fashionista wears, or those in a simple medium wash and cuffed to perfection. Also, these are not to be confused with the ubiquitous and as-of-late trending mom jeans (similar, but distinctly different).

This Fashionista definitely proved how these laid back jeans can be anything but sloppy. She paired them with dressier pieces like a blazer and heeled sandals for an interesting mix of high and low. And in true CollegeFashionista form, she added a gold bar necklace with the word “Rad” engraved on it. What I love most about this outfit is its effortless ability to look polished, while still maintaining a level of comfort and ease. Not a simple task to accomplish when you’re sporting four-inch stilettos.

How To: Take these über casual jeans out at night by dressing them up with a sleek cropped blazer, silk tank and strappy heels like this Fashionista did. Keep your colors monochromatic in black and white to let the jeans do all the talking.