Picking an outfit of the day isn’t the only thing that can be difficult. It’s the small things in life that count. In this particular case, this Fashionista has put together an ensemble like no other, where everything is all in the details.

Details are an important aspect in a Fashionista/o’s outfit. Occasionally, it can really make or break what you’re wearing. You start thinking to yourself, “Do I have too much on?” or “Should I add something else?” In reality, each single piece of jewelry or another accessory is essential to one’s complete look.

From head to toe, this Fashionista is covered in accessories that were breaking necks left and right. She’s a daredevil in disguise, decorated with super fancy, yet simple details. The details within this Fashionista’s outfit are the perfect mixture of edgy, yet chic. It’s challenging to really narrow down the details to just one thing.

Do you notice how the simple head and neck piece she has on aligns just right with the arm candy she’s showing off? And let’s not forget how her high-top vans match perfectly with the burgundy matte color on her lips. To add more edginess to this Fashionista’s outfit of the day, she carries a black, faux leather backpack whenever she’s on the go. This allows her to store her belongings efficiently and, of course, in style. What better way to top this outfit off than with a dramatic shawl? This piece is a personal favorite of mine, as it drapes effortlessly over her shoulder, adding flare and a sense of comfort to the outfit.

At this point, you’re probably asking: “How does one pull this all together?”

The answer to your question is simple. Your style begins with a blank canvas. This Fashionista chose to combine a light pair of ripped jeans and a white lace-up pullover. Those two components can direct you in the right path, as the whole ensemble may be originated from common closet items.

The great thing about dressing up with details is that you’re able to get innovative. Don’t be afraid to showcase your funky accessories and let your imagination run wild.