ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Do's of Decades Past

Glam alert! I spotted this Fashionista in the downtown part of Harrisonburg and she’s bringing back the do’s of decades past.

It is safe to say the outfit speaks for itself. As if this Fashionista does not show it enough, she caught my eye with the perfect amount of accessories to complete this ensemble.

Starting at the heart of this look is her jean jacket. My mother always told me that fashion repeats itself and I agree. As these jackets are making a return, they become America’s latest sweetheart of accessories and the trend is bringing out the hipster in all of us. The beauty of this jacket is that all Fashionistas/os that choose to sport one can make it their own by simply adding or subtracting accessories.

This Fashionista decided she would do just that in accessorizing her ensemble. Chokers are the new fad in making an outfit go from Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe in a matter of seconds. This Fashionista’s choker brings a hint of edginess to her classic look. Its black and gold garnish combines the neutral skirt in order to make this outfit look magnificent. Now, a choker jazzes up any outfit so if you are trying to take your outfit to the next level then grab yourself a choker with a little flair. If you are feeling a little crafty and want to start a DIY project, then chokers are actually inexpensive to make and it’s a fun project to do with all of your pals.

Suede, suede, and more suede. Take a moment to appreciate this heaven sent material. Especially when used with color, this material assists in taking any outfit and make it look as if it is ready for a Vogue photoshoot. A pop of color is always necessary when choosing an outfit that is a bit on the neutral side. What better way to show off that color than to tie it up with statement shoes?

Look for pieces that can take vintage to an entirely new level and bring it back to life with your own personal splash of fabulous!