ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Denim Jacket

March 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Ah, March! Wisconsin is bubbling with springtime excitement; the sun is peeking out more frequently and puddles of melted snow cover the sidewalks. It is about that time of the year that us Midwestern Fashionistas get overly excited for temperatures in the upper 30’s and start replacing the long parkas for some less puffy outerwear. Every spring, there is one specific jacket that I can always expect to see in abundance: the eternally classic denim jacket. The ’90s really nailed it when they set this trend.

Though slightly pre-mature to the coming of spring temperatures, I spotted this daring Fashionista braving the cold in her blue denim jacket with rolled up sleeves. Underneath her jacket she wears a long cobalt blue blouse. On the bottom she sports black skinny jeans tucked into black booties. To accessorize, she adds black and silver rings. Her look is perfect for class on a nice, sunny day! It is casual, yet sophisticated.

What is so magnificent about the denim jacket is that it can be worn in so many different ways and for various different occasions. Many designers have taken this classic piece and interpreted it in their own ways. Want that authentic, basic denim jacket? Try this one from Levi Brand Jeans. Want to go beyond the typical shape and cut? Anthropologie has a jacket you should see. Aren’t afraid of pattern? Check out this one from Forever21.

How To: Ready to throw that parka back into the closet and pull out your favorite LDJ (little denim jacket)? Pair it with some colored jeans and your favorite flats for a typical day of classes, or wear it over a patterned sundress with a pair of Keds for a morning at the local farmer’s market. This versatile piece can be worn with so many different outfits; go with what you like best!