ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Last week, State College experienced negative temperatures for the first time in a while. It doesn’t look like the weather is getting better any time soon, so until then, we’re still going to have to bundle up while walking to classes that are notorious for never being cancelled. But, we can still be cute and stylish in the cold like this Fashionista.

Surviving a Penn State winter is all about having the right accessories. Before I came to Penn State, I never anticipated how cold it would actually get. Coming from New York, I’ve experienced plenty of cold winters, but it’s a totally different story when you have to walk across campus all day. This winter is all about hats, scarves and layering, and this Fashionista does just that.

One accessory that will be a lifesaver during the rest of these frigid temperatures is a faux fur scarf like this Fashionista’s. The faux fur goes around the neck only and the rest of the scarf is knit and hangs down past her cardigan, providing extra warmth. Because of its neutral tones, this scarf could easily be paired with any outfit and look great. On colder, windier days, I prefer to wear infinity scarves because I think they keep my neck warmer than a normal scarf would, so try a faux fur infinity scarf from ASOS.

How To: There are so many options of outfits for different occasions that could work with this scarf. This accessory could go with a dressier outfit as well, so try matching it with a skirt and riding boots.