ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Bold And The Beautiful

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Bold And The Beautiful

If you’re living in New York City over winter break as I am, the combination of the frigid temperatures with the additional windchill is a Fashionista’s worst nightmare. Few things are more disappointing than spending time planning the perfect outfit only to cover it with a puffy coat. Instead of hiding your styled ensemble with a warm jacket, you can make it part of your wardrobe just as this Fashionista does.

Style reports advise picking up a statement jacket. A functional piece that protects against the elements, the statement jacket fights off a blah outfit as well. Supersaturated hues can completely modernize a winter outfit, and this Fashionista’s bright red coat does the trick. In an eye-catching color, she smartly double layers the jacket with a matching sweatshirt underneath. This is a handy trick to keep in your winter style arsenal. Two layers of the same color allow a Fashionista to stay extra bundled up while still rocking the statement jacket trend.

To maintain the focus on her outerwear, the rest of this Fashionista’s outfit is stylish yet simple. Cool patterned leggings in neutral colors attract the eye, but don’t overwhelm it when taking in the full ensemble. Her camel-colored boots continue the neutral theme and are functional for walking around the city.

This style can be achieved with any color of the rainbow. Whether you’re feeling down and blue or sunshine-y yellow, let your jacket do the talking for you.

How To: Shopping this style is totally simple. This Fashionista thrifted her leggings and picked up her sweatshirt from a sporting goods store. After finding the perfectly bright-colored winter coat, wear it over neutrals such as black, grey, cream or tan.