ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Backpack Veto

Are you Fashionistas and Fashionistos tired of the recurring backpack trend that has been around every year since preschool or am I the only one? While many companies have tried to turn backpacks into a sportier or more stylish option, it still seems to get old by the time you have reached college. It is really interesting to me to see all the alternatives that college students come up with for bags to carry their things around campus, whether it be a bike with a bungee-strapped grocery bag attached, a pen and their hand or simply nothing at all. I think I can speak for everyone when I say there needs to be a change.

Well, fear not! This Fashionista displays a convenient, fashion-forward option that will get you around campus and maybe earn you some style points. Her alternative option to this persistent madness is a Fossil tote bag in light brown leather. Matching her accessories with the bag, she wears light brown, gold and silver bracelets, necklaces and rings. Something as classic as a brown leather bag can be worn with anything, but her Forever 21 cream cardigan and maroon top pull in the brown to her black Madewell jeans and gray Zara coat.

There are many styles of bags that will definitely be suitable options as an alternative to your backpack. The tote bag is a taller, narrower option that can fit your laptop perfectly. You can even help those in need and create your own tote bag. The messenger bag is a more sophisticated bag for those seniors trying to transition into the business world. Finally, the last option is what we have featured on today’s Fashionista—the Fossil tote bag.

How To: Want to get rid of your back pack but don’t know a good way to do it? Well, click some of the above links to discover new and different bags or look up their names for different colors, styles and options! Make sure you buy one that will fit your laptop, a notebook and your everyday necessities. You can get a pop of color or pattern to wear as a highlight to any neutral outfit or just stick with a neutral color that matches anything!