ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Artisan Spirit

One of the most quintessential items to any wardrobe are statement jewelry pieces. These accessories act as an interchangeable concept to any garment. The same outfit can be given an entirely new look with different focal jewels; having a few accessories that truly stand out is essential to any fashion-savvy wardrobe.

This Fashionista is rocking a denim on denim ensemble with a dark denim wash on bottom and a light chambray on top, including a polka-dot detailing to break up the similar fabrics. In order to truly make this outfit pop she opted for a statement necklace to add a focal piece to the otherwise classic colored ensemble.

Her necklace, which was purchased from Anthropologie, gives a truly artisan feel with large circular beads and metal square detailing. It has a touch of natural and handmade to it, being reminiscent of handcrafted jewelry pieces from an art fair. The earthy tone of this necklace pairs nicely with the down-to-earth denim garments, it gives a seamless transition throughout the look.

How To: In order to achieve this effortless look one must gather a truly unique jewelry piece. While necklaces can work seamlessly as statement pieces, bracelets and rings can also fit this role. Have your outfit focus primarily on a muted or monochrome color palette; this will allow your statement piece to be the focal point. I find it easiest to select the accessory you want to showcase then build the outfit from that. For this look, the bolder the jewelry the better!