Ankle boots or booties have always been prevalent in fashion, but many of us are lost as to how to wear them. Should you just stick with jeans or should you be daring and wear them with a dress? To answer your question, yes. Wear your ankle boots with your skinny jeans and even with your shift dress. Ankle boots add a chic look to any ensemble! You can find these shoes paired with just about any type of casual outfit. Wearing these stylish shoes can make your legs look longer and even slimmer when worn correctly. Whether you choose a flat or heeled pair, your ankle boots will always make a statement

This Fashionista styled her ankle boots oh-so perfectly. She chose a classic way to wear her them—with leggings and a skirt. This Fashionista’s burgundy skirt and sheer stockings let her suede black ankle boots shine. What I love about her outfit is the addition of leggings under her skirt. Adding leggings to your ankle boot outfit makes it possible for you to wear your short dresses, skirts and long tops. Try a leather pair of ankle boots, a high-heel or even a flat pair. The options are endless when it comes to this chic look, so give it a try!

How To: Still confused as how to wear your cute ankle boots? Keep it simple and wear them with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. This outfit is perfect if you want an easy look for your ankle boots. Start out with jeans, then experiment with leggings and even dresses.