ALL IN THE DETAILS: The '90s Called

If you weren’t lucky enough to live through the 90’s generation, don’t be too upset because the comeback of the oh so trendy choker necklace trend will leave you feeling a little less left out. Chokers and, more specifically, the tattoo choker necklace, is quickly making its way up the list of in-demand accessories, giving everyone the perfect insight into the ’90s. Numerous well-known celebrity fashion icons, such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne have contributed greatly to the comeback of the choker, sporting multiple versions of the accessory with many different styles.

The choker trend varies between multiple different shapes and forms, such as the thick cotton lace choker or the thin metal beaded choker.  Although there is a variety of different versions of the chokers, the most popular choker that seems to be making the biggest comeback is the classic stretch tattoo necklace, which may be due to its extreme versatility. Chokers are extremely popular and fashionable accessories for almost any outfit for any occasion because they provide the perfect amount of edge, without going overboard.

This Fashionista opted for the most popular of all the chokers, the classic black tattoo choker. She paired it with an everyday, simple street style outfit of a black boyfriend T-shirt, destroyed skinny jeans and monochrome white high-tops. This outfit is a great example of simple yet edgy, and the single choker accessory complements the simplicity of the outfit perfectly without too many accessory distractions.

How To: Whether you decide to wear the classic tattoo choker or the thick lace choker, always remember to pair your accessory for simple outfits in order to embrace the trend and not add too many distractions. The large variety of choker styles make the accessory perfect for both formal and casual styles.