As we move into winter in the city of Chicago, it becomes increasingly difficult to dress for the weather. Every winter season, regardless of whether or not they’re locals, students struggle with the ongoing battle between looking cute or rolling out of bed and throwing on sweats. What is easy to wear isn’t always fashionable, and what is fashionable isn’t always comfy or warm. Fortunately, there is a great statement piece out there that artfully ties together comfort, warmth and style all into one article of clothing: the wrap.

Incredibly comfy and versatile, the wrap can be thrown on with a pair of leggings or it can be draped over a cute dress. It isn’t as structured as a wool sweater, but it is still warm and it provides a bit of elegance to any ensemble. My favorite part about loose pieces like wraps or ponchos is that once you buy one, it’s nearly impossible to grow out of it! They’re also my favorite “lazy day” option—it’s like wearing loose sweats, but stylish.

This Fashionista opted for a more relaxed look. She paired her marsala-colored wrap—a nod to 2015’s Pantone of the Year—with other simple pieces to create a look that is perfect for class or for meeting up with friends for brunch. Underneath the wrap, she is wearing a simple white tank top and a comfy pair of black leggings. To give the ensemble a bit more pizzazz, she opted for a sexy pair of black suede heeled booties and a cute handbag. Topping off the outfit, we have a pair of large diamond stud earrings and a simple necklace.

How To: Throw on a solid-colored or patterned wrap on any simple outfit to replace a sweater. Your ensemble will go from zero to 100, and you will stay warm all day!