ALL IN THE DETAILS: That '70s Vibe

Everyone knows current trends are recycled from past looks and revamped into something new, but the question is what decade is the newest inspiration? With summer in full swing bohemian trends are all the rage featuring elements like flowy silhouettes, fringe and suede fabrics. Bohemian trends take inspiration from the free-spirited decade of the ‘70s, where many of the “hippie” styles we see today originated from.

This Fashionista choose to go completely ‘70s with a bell sleeve sheer top layered over a white bralette, a rustic tone banded skirt, brown chunky heels and topped it off with a layered gold necklace. If you’re anything like me, the typical festival look starts to get a little old by the end of the summer. This outfit has just enough of that boho ‘70s vibe without being too flower child, which is a great new twist on current trends. A big reason this outfit stands out so much is because of the drama that the sleeve provides. Since we don’t see a bell sleeve very often, it provides a new eye catching silhouette that makes the outfit unique. Not to mention the loose fit is light and airy enough to protect you from the sun while keeping you cool in the summer heat. This sleeve detail is the perfect way to make your outfit stand out in an nontraditional way—and maybe even start a new trend while you do it!

How To: What’s great about this look is it’s super easy to recreate. Forever 21 has a ton of affordable options similar to the shirt and skirt in this Fashionista’s outfit. If you want to try a ‘70s-inspired look but want to keep it subtle, try the bell sleeve blouse in a neutral color with skinny jeans and booties. This makes the top the only statement piece of the outfit, making for a more casual ‘70s flare.