ALL IN THE DETAILS: That '70s Show

They say fashion comes full circle, and that is true for this Fashionista’s ’70s-inspired outfit. This Fashionista practically belongs with the cast of That ’70s Show. She utilizes aspects of this vintage trend to make her an ideal candidate to be cast if the show ever makes a comeback. Fez, Kelso, Donna, Eric, Jackie and Steven, watch out—you have a new character to make way for.

The first important detail in this outfit is the flared-out bell sleeve. This crucial aspect is powerful in allowing the haute hippie trend to stand out and shine through. The voluminous sleeves featured are embroidered with lace, which adds an elegant touch to this Fashionista’s look.

The second crucial detail is the skirt. It is flared out and suede—a double whammy in screaming out ’70s. This button-up, tan, high-wasted skirt is very flattering and is a fun way to add texture to any outfit. The tan color and suede material are also the perfect combination for a winter skirt—warm and dark.

The jewelry chosen adds a boho feel to the outfit, a great way to top off this trend. Her rings and necklaces have brassy tones that complement the cream and tan hues of her blouse and skirt. She is not afraid to wear more than one necklace or more than one ring. One of her necklaces is a quartz crystal with a hint of yellow and brown through it. The other is a just a simple horn. Jewelry is a great way to add life to any outfit.

In order to complete her look, this Fashionista throws on some black leather knee-high boots with lace knee-high socks. The boots have a few great buckles to add some detail. These boots are simple and easily pair with any outfit.

How To: Want to bring back the ’70s revival with your outfit? Bell sleeves and suede are a must. Don’t forget jewelry to complete your look!