ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textures On Textures

February 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Many mornings, I find myself staring at my closet, stuck in an outfit rut. I visualize various outfits and try on four or five different combinations before feeling satisfied and finally settling on one. Finding ways to create new outfits out of your existing wardrobe can be challenging and you have to get creative sometimes. This Fashionista’s creative senses come through to effortlessly pull this outfit together. These separate articles of clothing can be styled many different ways, but by pairing different textures together she has created a unique, stylish look.

The top this Fashionista is wearing is the most elaborate part of the outfit. Embellished with beads and tassels and delicately crocheted at the bottom, the top is rather detailed. A style characteristic of brands like Anthropologie, the shirt is versatile in the sense that it can be dressed up or down, but also gives any outfit an elegant finish. Intricate shirts, like this, are ideal for any season because they can be worn with layers or alone and can transition from day to night pieces.

Unlike the delicate shirt, the ripped jeans and utility jacket this Fashionista wears give the outfit a grungy twist. A popular trend, ripped denim is essential in every Fashionista’s closet. The olive green utility jacket made a comeback years ago and proved to be a necessary staple because it works for so many different styles. The jacket and jeans are an obvious pairing, however what makes this outfit one-of-a-kind is the combination of the delicate, elaborate top with the rough, ripped denim and jacket. The exquisite detail of the shirt is contrasted by the rugged textures of the rest of the outfit.

For shoes, this Fashionista kept it simple by sporting some white Vans. A nice alternative to popular white Converse, these shoes almost have a linen look, adding to the textures of the whole outfit. In addition, the bright white stands out against the dark color of the denim.

How To: To create new outfits from your existing wardrobe, combine articles of clothing of different fabrics and textures to achieve a unique look without having to go out and buy more clothing.