ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textures on Textures on Textures

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textures on Textures on Textures

The tiny details of an outfit can really make something go from casual to extraordinary.

Take this Fashionista for example. She is rocking corduroy overalls, which are one of my personal favorite trends. But instead of adding a T-shirt beneath it, she instead chose a strappy bralette to wear underneath a mesh top. But that’s not where the details end! Instead of a plain black mesh T-shirt, this Fashionista decided to add a little more texture by choosing a polka dot mesh T-shirt. Who doesn’t love to sneak in a few polka dots here and there?

Since spring showers are upon us here in Manhattan, this Fashionista decided to add a jean jacket for a subtle pop of color to keep her warm while walking the streets of New York City. For added warmth and texture, she chose to wear a sheer pair of black tights.

Victoria Beckham once said, “I can’t concentrate in flats.” However, sensibility sometimes trumps all. As a finishing touch, this Fashionista chose to wear her favorite pair of Dr. Martens, so walking from class to class won’t leave her with aching feet.

But the details don’t stop there! This Fashionista totally rocks the smoky eye look while adding a hint of classiness by choosing to stick with a bold but fierce red lip. Add your favorite pair of earrings and you’re all set, just like this fabulous Fashionista!

The details of an outfit can truly elevate an outfit to a whole new level. So, don’t be afraid to be bold and get experimenting: You never know what may come of it!