ALL IN THE DETAILS: Textured Twist

There’s always those few days in the summer—those days where you ask yourself if it truly is summer or just a pigment of your imagination because the weather has suddenly become more chilly than you remember it should be in June.  Although the summer is usually all about breaking out the shorts and T-shirts, some nights call for a more bundled up approach. Just because you’re dressing less like summer though doesn’t mean you can’t still have a stylish approach!

This Fashionisto does a perfect job of dressing warm during the cooler summer nights, while still exhibiting a stylish and presentable outfit. The lightweight sweater gives a perfect layer to keep warm without looking being too bundled up, while the black jeans allow for a versatile bottom. The shoes also add a nice pop of color and flair.

One of my favorite parts of the look is the detail in the sweater. It adds a textured look and a little more detail to the outfit than if the sweater was simply gray.

I also am absolutely obsessed with the shoes. From the shape, to the color, to the suede-esque texture, the shoes automatically draw attention to this Fashionisto’s outfit and add an interesting twist to an otherwise neutral outfit. The blue color adds a fun pop while still keeping with the cooler tones to the outfit as well.

How To: Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture! Just because you’re looking to wear a simple or neutral outfit doesn’t mean it has to be a boring one!