Hey, Fashionistas/os! It seems to be that this snowy season keeps dragging on. I even find it a bit harder to get out of bed, especially when the other branch campuses get the okay for a snow day. Although the plummeting temperatures leaves us shuffling our way through the snow, the weather just keeps giving us reasons to break out the fashion-forward notion of texture. Textures of all sorts can pair up and give your outfit a unique sense of dimension. It gives the sense of an appealing look that contrasts against any setting.

This Fashionista really exemplifies the textures of the winter months. She is wearing a trendsetting fur vest, with a knit long sleeve blouse and a textured scarf for extra warmth. Of course, wearing a coat is essential, but this Fashionista plays up the standard peacoat while embracing the ruffles at the neckline. And to complete her outfit, she wears a smooth-finished pair of boots with gold accents near the heel and zipper. This pair of boots adds a simple touch of gold that isn’t as rough or three-dimensional as seen from the waist up.

How To: There is still time to embrace the faux-fur or embroidered scarf this season! Simply wear a fur vest over a simple textured knit, or if you are feeling edgy, put on a fur coat. Texture does not have to just be fur, either. Touches of velvet here or even fringe can also add the touches if you are looking for a subtle yet stylish texture to don on campus.