It’s easy to find yourself in a vicious cycle of all-black throughout fall—black is chic, slimming and makes matching simple. It’s a color palette you can fall back on year after year, earning itself a pretty prominent place in the closet. After a while, however, you may find yourself getting bored of consistently dark looks and crave just a little more color in your life. Adding little pops of teal to your look like this Fashionista is a perfect way to bring back some brightness to your all-black fall wardrobe.

Her neutral outfit was given gorgeous teal accents all throughout, with her shoes, jewelry and scarf all matching and giving her look a sense of fluidity and uniqueness. While classic black leggings and a gray sweatshirt (however cool the faux turtleneck neckline) may sound like the building blocks of a “lazy day” look, the artfully chosen accessories can bring an outfit to a whole new level of chic. With a set of perfectly dainty rings and cool-girl custom Nikes, this Fashionista crafts a comfortable and stylish athletic-inspired aesthetic that everyone can envy.

How To: Sort through your favorite colored jewelry and other varying accessories and match them up for a perfectly put together look. You can balance out your look with athletic clothes, like this Fashionista, to tune into the athleisure trend, or partner your bright accessories with some other neutral pieces. The accessories you choose will tie together any basic outfit with ease, whether it’s an oversized gray jacket and dark denim or a black dress and sweater combination.