January 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Accessories can liven up any outfit. They highlight, define and complete a look. A purse is mandatory no matter what the occasion and we feel naked without at least a few pieces of jewelry. But what about a hat? Statement hats are often overlooked. We don’t give them nearly as much attention as the rest of the accessory clique, which is a shame because it’s a foolproof way to fix a bad hair day or add some much needed drama to a basic outfit. Hats can be incorporated into your style during all four seasons of the year so be sure to try out the fedora trend!

This Fashionista caught my eye sporting a tan, floppy wool fedora on campus. She wears a fur vest, a printed top and blue jeans. The fedora gives her look a bohemian-chic feel. Its winter, so it’s common to see a gal accessorizing her outfit with a beanie to keep warm but a fedora will give your look a stylish finish. There are so many options when it comes to fedoras, so you can really make the look your own. Here is a tan, wide brim fedora, a black one with chain details and here is one for those who want a pop of color.

How To: Having a bad hair day? Have no fear. Fedoras are the perfect answer! Top your look off with a stylish fedora and problem solved. There are many different fedora styles so experiment with them all and don’t be afraid to add this trend to your outfit!