While walking from class I’d spotted this Fashionista and had to approach her. She displayed a bold harmonious outerwear outfit. From her spontaneous studded cat eared hat to her vivid blue coat, her details were manifested in bold ways. Since winter is upon us outerwear, accessories and details are put on a spotlight.

This Fashionista is wearing: a vivid blue coat, studded knit hat, gray knit scarf, black leggings and tan boots. Her outfit combination was beautiful for these winter times. Her coat has a suitable structure and a vivid color. The black outlines of the coat creates an emphasis on the welt pockets and the zipper. Balmain’s spring ready-to-wear displays multiple examples of emphasizing lines. Line details are an illusion that develops a higher visual attention.

Walking around campus I’ve noticed several different hat styles. Hats not only protect your head from the chill, but give an additional character. There are so many shapes, colors and styles to choose from. The styles consists of beanies, berets, bombers, fedoras and more. This Fashionista is displaying a beanie styled hat. However, this isn’t an ordinary beanie—it’s a studded kitten-eared beanie. The pointed studs creates an edgy look to the black hat and the kitten ears creates a sassy attitude.

The boot style this Fashionista is wearing is a soft tan slip on. These boots are comfortable, warm and easy. These boots are awesome because one can easily slip them on and head out the door. With these boots one can wear high knee socks or mid-calf socks.

How To: For hats, you can choose whatever style and some I’ve mentioned above. As I said, hats displays character, reflecting one’s personality. Structured coat, leggings, knit scarf and some comfortable slip on boots is the simple equation. Don’t forget details like lines, studs or even glitter. Any detail creates a higher eye-pleasing interest.