ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sweet Cold Winter

In January, everything is covered in snow and everybody is wearing black.

I don’t know why, but when it comes to this, it seems that I’m the opposite type of girl. This is because the warmer it starts to be, the more likely I am to wear dark colors. So now, in the middle of winter, there’s nothing that I like more than wearing pastels. Pastels in my sweaters, pastels in my necklaces…pastels everywhere! I think wearing pastels is just a way for non-conformists, like myself, to express the desire to be in the next season.

In this case, this Fashionista is wearing a pastel coat. This outfit shows perfectly how these type of colors can change your outfit from a boring look into a more sophisticated one. This is something that I love about this trend.

Not only do I love this change, but I love the way she has mixed this light blue coat with much darker clothing. The pastel color is highlighted by black leggings and some black accessories, such as this Chanel bag. Her winter boots also have some pastel blue details which makes this a perfect outfit!

How To: If you also love this trend, but are not sure how to wear it, here’s a tip! One of my favorite outfits, when talking about pastels, could be a light blue skirt (you may notice that I´m a little bit obsessed with this color) with a gray oversized sweater on top and some black ankle boots. You will kill it!