ALL IN THE DETAILS: Superstar Vibes

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Superstar Vibes

The first week of school and the end of summer combo calls for all Fashionistas/os to come forward. It’s the last call for vibrant colors and anything that starts with the words “mini” or “crop.”

For some, fall means to add as much vintage wear and tear to their high-waisted shorts so they are ready for next summer. For others, fall is just a transition that allows them to continuously show off their hipster street style.

This Fashionista was able to combine that vintage feel of summer with an urban pop of color. Her trendy look keeps it cool and neutral with her bodycon mini dress from Forever 21. She then accents her minimalistic efforts of the dress with the use of her bold metallic choker and her Pharrell-inspired Superstar adidas. She tones it down with the vintage denim jacket, and adds more accessories with her nails and a gold watch.

It’s incredibly impossible to keep your eyes off this Fashionista’s funky and classic look, and the good part is we don’t have to! If you wanted to take this look for a night out, just take off the denim jacket and add a pair of heeled booties or some eye-catching pumps.

If you are catching vibes from this Fashionista’s look, then all you need is a bodycon dress of any color, a denim jacket or button-up shirt, colorful kicks and a bomb choker or some bold jewelry.