ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sunnies and 75

February 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sunnies and 75

At this point in the semester, I probably sound like a broken record when mentioning how laid back Floridian fashion is. We have a uniform we like to stick to, and it offers little variety. Take a plain and simple, cropped tank or tee, for example, and add a bottom with a little more oomph. Consider a pair of patterned shorts or pants. Maybe a maxi skirt will better suit you. Statement colors and fits are also common. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you’ll switch it up with a simplistic bottom, such as a dark jean, paired with a printed top. You get the idea; your outfits should balance each other out, not looking like you put in too much effort (while in reality, it took you 30 minutes in your bathrobe to come up with this concoction).

While we love our simple styles, we really love to play up our simple accessories. My personal favorite is the stack of arm candy that I switch up every day, depending on my outfit’s color scheme. However, since moving to Florida, I have noticed a number of Fashionistas using their sunglasses as the statement piece of their outfit, rather than their graphic tees or tie-dye pants.

This Fashionista embodies the sunglasses trend perfectly with these adorable heart-shaped frames. With her statement-fit boyfriend jeans and plain-jane crop, she is a prime example of the balancing act that I previously mentioned. This is key; her statement pieces are balanced by a simple top. She created the perfect outfit. However, if she were to switch it up and wear a simple pair of aviators with a patterned tank, it might be a little too much. The patterns and ripped, loose-fit boyfriend jeans might appear too close in proximity.

How To: Are heart-shaped frames a little too far out of your comfort zone? Try weaning yourself into this style by purchasing a pair of large sunglasses. They’re still super trendy and can become a statement piece when worn the right way. Even better, they aren’t too hip for those of us that are just starting to pick up on the trend.