ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summertime Sadness

Summer is winding down which means it is almost time for the denim shorts, sundresses, sandals and tank tops to hibernate for the winter. The season of sweaters, apple cider, boots, pumpkin spiced lattes and scarves is almost upon us. But before we start dreaming about football games and the first day of classes, we need to worry about August fashion. In New England the weather is constantly changing. One day it’s hot and humid and another it’s cool and breezy; you never know quite what to expect. I personally like to plan my outfit the night before. With the weather changing, this becomes difficult. But with the right planning and back up clothing options, there is no need to worry.

This Fashionista decided to wear almost all-black; leggings, tank top, sandals and nails. Since the basis of the outfit was plain, she decided to vamp it up with a pink flowered kimono. The light material of the kimono is perfect for the warm temperatures of summer. If you were to wear this outfit on one of those hot and humid days, swap out the leggings for a pair of black shorts. That way you can stay cool AND stylish. This Fashionista paired her outfit with a silver leaf detailed necklace. She also sported a plethora of rings on her fingers. Now before we get sad and depressed about the end of summer lets enjoy the last couple of weeks with bold fashion choices and statement pieces.

How To: We all have bought a bold and bright article of clothing that we swore we would wear all the time, but never actually got around to. Well now is your time. Grab that bright jacket or bold printed pants and pair them with a simple dress or T-shirt and rock them. Just because an article of clothing looks intimidating doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. And summer is the perfect time to try out these bold looks.