ALL IN THE DETAILS: Summer In Scarves

Up here in Minnesota is can be difficult to simply dress one way during the summer. The mornings are filled with a cool dewy breeze but by lunch it’s sticky, humid and no place for unnecessary accessories. So, how can we accessorize in the summer and still make it all about those details? I spotted one Fashionista on the street who knew how.

The main rule is to find lightweight jewelry and clothes that can be worn in multiple ways. Time to fall in love with scarves and acrylic accessories. Scarves will be your best friend for days full of multiple temperatures. In the morning, use the scarf as a wrap around your shoulders and as the day gets hotter wrap the scarf around your waist in the belt loops of those shorts for a colorful accent. As far as jewelry goes, it’s important to remember metal accessories can heat up pretty fast on an 80-degree day. For this reason, it’s more sensible to wear either fabric or acrylic accessories. Classy acrylic jewelry, when used in the right way, does not look cheap at all. When shopping for jewelry go for the neutral colors, gray, black, white and tan. Wearing vibrant colors such as pink and green can easily make a classy outfit look cheap, so stay away from those colors. These two tips can help summer outfits become lightweight in the heat and comfy in the cool breeze.

A light scarf/shawl that should be worn. The fabric is soft but also easy to manipulate. A shawl lays nicely over your shoulders but can be twisted and wrapped around the waist later in the day as the weather heats up. Also, the shirt has simple cute plastic studs. This lightweight metallic detail adds a lot to the outfit without weighing it down.

How To: So, have you always been afraid to wear a heavy sweater in the morning because you know you will be sweating in a matter of hours? No worries, stock your closet with simple lightweight scarves and hit two birds with one stone. They will keep you warm in the a.m. and stylish for rest of the day.