Now I know a lot of my Fashionistas are in a season called winter, but here in Texas, winter is more of a concept than a reality. We do have days where winter’s bite blows in, but most days are a jumble of spring and summer. So, what does a girl do when the day can begin with a slight chill, but end with a heatwave? Well, this Fashionista knows that accessories are a girl’s best friend when the weather is a-changing.

A key piece of this Fashionista’s look is her flowing, button-down dress, which she turned into a light cover-up for those chilly mornings. If it’s a little too cold for something as light as a button-down, try a suede motorcycle jacket or a denim jacket. Underneath her button-down is a maroon halter crop top, for when the sun decides to shine herself down on those winter days.

For accessories, this Fashionista decided to go with two simple accent necklaces that she can layer together for a boho-chic look. You can try her trick of layering, or trade out multiple necklaces for a classic ’90s chain choker. To keep the look casual for class, she wears a pair of faded pink slip-on sneakers, which you can switch out with heels for a night out. The final touch on this Fashionista’s look is the matte, deep red lipstick, which brings together her entire color scheme and her jumble of summer looks with a winter color.

There are many times in winter when the chill goes away for a welcomed warmth, but many of us may not be outfit ready for when that does happen. By taking a few points from this Fashionista’s manner of layering and accessorizing, maybe you guys will be better prepared for a quick summer day, instead of sweating up a storm in a thick winter jacket.