There is a stigma to wearing business wear to non-business endeavors that I’d like to end. In the fashion world, business has business in all occasions. While the head to toe suiting that Lily Collins, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone donned this awards season proves women can wear the lapel, darting and bowties, it is necessary to note that one can rock the masculine pairing as separates. In fact, the suit jacket alone is a power statement appropriate across all fashion callings. Need to warm up your favorite crop? The suit jacket! Need to sophisticate your old rocker tank? The suit jacket! Need to mediate your mismatched cupcake pajamas? The suit—well, okay maybe there is an instance where it wouldn’t do. But let’s take a moment to imagine that combination, so effortlessly Pretty Woman. It covers all bases, day or night! Needless to say, the suit jacket, or blazer for our purposes, is a must.

Following suit, this Fashionista flaunts her little black dress under an oversized H&M jacket. With crazy cutout details along her back, she needs a cover up for the beachside Santa Monica chill. The cohesive color scheme, black on black, adds a Manhattan-esque aura and brings her envy-worthy city sophistication to the forefront. Large side pockets give her room to store her phone and keys, skipping the satchel in favor of cool kid simplicity. Suit jackets are the perfect night out accessory. You’ll beat the cold, leave the purse and draw major attention with your new layer. In other words, kill three birds with one adorable stone.

How To: As you’re headed out the door in a leg bearing number, throw out your favorite denim jacket in favor of one of these blazers. Whether patterned, velvet or sequined, these business staples will take any look to the next level. No cubicle and loafers required.