January 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

With a cool winter chill still looming, many Fashionistas/os may be wondering what apparel is essential for this time of year. On the campus of Northern Arizona, everyone is reaching for their favorite coats as they rush off to class. With the ever so favorite snow days upon us, there is nothing better than your favorite cozy jacket to top off your look.

This Fashionista is bringing the elegant peacoat to the snowy town of Flagstaff—a very Blair Waldorf look. Peacoats are all the rage in big cities like New York and Chicago, even celebrities like Blake Lively and Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing chic peacoats out on the town. Coats are utterly important in snowy cold towns like Flagstaff, Arizona and they are a classic and elegant example of how stylish winter coats can be.

What really makes the coat such a pivotal element in this outfit is it’s ability to make anything you’re wearing look fabulous. Such as what is worn underneath in this look—a beige sparkly sweater. One thing about this sweater is that it adds that dressy appeal, so tons of jewelry is not necessary, unless of course you’re out for a night on the town. Peacoats and sparkles are personal favorites of mine, and the way this Fashionista pairs them makes the outfit stand out in a new way.

The maroon jeans paired with booties really add a versatile edge to the look with a small pop of color. Booties are such a trend right now and looking around my campus, it’s hard to find a Fashionista not wearing a pair. This Fashionista sports booties with adorable cutouts throughout the middle. Tying together the color scheme and completing the look, these booties are to die for. This Fashionista was able to snatch this adorable pair at Charlotte Russe.

How To: Making an outfit stand out with a peacoat is as simple as pairing it with some things you may already have in your closet. What’s better than a great pair of jeans, a sweater—sparkly or even plain solid color and some stylish booties? Top the look off with your peacoat and you’re all set to go!