Creating a fashionable look is quite literally “all in the details” (no pun intended). The way a Fashionista puts her pieces together can make or break the outfit. It is important to pay attention to subtle details like lip color or buckles on your shoes in order to tie an outfit together.

The trend of mixing gray and gold has been on the rise in interior decorating and has now transferred over to the fashion industry. This Fashionista did a perfect job of mixing the two colors. She perfectly accessorized with gold accessories. Instead of using an overbearing gold statement necklace, this Fashionista went with a subtle rectangular bar pendant necklace. The pairing of this necklace with a gold-cased, diamond stud makes the gold pop. Her heather gray ribbed turtleneck is also downplayed by the navy blue vest. Her solid gray frost boots do, however, bring out the darker shades of gray on top.

The great thing about this look is that the eye is drawn down the body because the gold accents create a continuous line. The gold buttons on the pockets of the vest as well as the gold zipper create the perfect combination laying over the gray turtleneck. The gray boots are also accented by bronze buckles, but when paired in combination with the gold accessories, they have a more golden hue. This Fashionista accessorized with gold literally from head-to-toe and rocked it!

This Fashionista’s lip color also matches her nails. This adds a pop of color to contrast the cooler tones of the rest of her outfit. The combination of the warm tones from her lipstick and nail color and gold accessories soften the look. Always pay attention to the details because those are the factors that guide someone’s eye when they see a Fashionista’s outfit. Remember, the key to mixing gold and gray is keeping accessories subtle.