During those hot days of summer, not even the most fashionable of us want to pile on accessories. Scarves and gloves are completely out of the question, and even too much arm candy can be enough to make you sweat in the blistering heat. So how can you accessorize your outfit without it being too much? Keep it simple. Sunglasses are the perfect accent in the summer because they block out the harsh sun and make such a statement. Since this Fashionista kept it simple with a white top, she was able to have a little fun with everything else, like these Karen Walker sunglasses. Dainty earrings were the perfect choice, as a bold earring could seem over the top with sunglasses already on your head. These earrings sparkled in the sun as the Fashionista walked, making them a beautiful selection.

Intricate nail designs are my favorite way to play up an outfit. A pastel purple nail color is a beautiful summer hue that is subtle yet still an attention getter. The white detail catches your eye right away because it’s so intricate and well done. When an outfit is kept simple, like this one, it’s so important to have a standout piece, which in this case is nail art.

How To: Incorporating this look into your everyday style is extremely easy! Since most of us are broke college students who are unable to make weekly nail salon visits, you can create your own nail art with this pen. Find a long necklace similar to this Fashionista’s, and you’ll have the perfect subtle summer look down!