ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stylin' in the Sun

July 18th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stylin' in the Sun

It’s summertime! That mean short hemlines and lots of accessories. This has definitely been the season for bold accessories and what a better way to spice up an outfit, right? Statement necklaces have been everywhere this summer and there is really no wrong time to wear them. They can be dressed up or down, chunky or simple and can be matched with almost anything.

Details can very easily make or break the look you’re going for, but in this fashionista’s case details make the look! Her pairing such a bold silver necklace with a plain black t-shirt dress really brings all the attention to the statement necklace. Which is exactly what she was going for, having such a strong contrast with the black and silver to really make the necklace pop. The dress is the perfect little black “summer” dress that is cool and can be matched with anything.

No look is complete without a cool bag. With it being summer, no one wants to be lugging around a giant tote. So she has paired her look with a indigo Steve Madden clutch with silver studs. This was the perfect clutch and a statement in itself. The indigo color pairs really well against the black dress and the studs on top of the bag work perfectly with the necklace without being too much. As for shoes she just wore very simple black sandals which really complete this cool girl look.

How to: This is such an easy look to replicate or to make your own. To start all you need is your favorite t-shirt dress, it can be of any color or style. Then select your statement necklace, it doesn’t have to be as bold as the one shown. A little tip in picking a statement necklace, you will be able to match it with more outfits if the necklace doesn’t have wild colors through it. Pair your whole outfit with a fun summer bag and simple sandals and you have this Fashionista’s look!