ALL IN THE DETAILS: Style Engraved

March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Time to make your stamp on your style with a monogram necklace. Monogram necklaces are a classy and chic way to incorporate typography into your look. The classic curvature of the letters create an eye-catching show stopper to any outfit. It pulls the entire look together providing a more professional edge to the ensemble. The clean and polished metal of this necklace introduces a sophisticated aura to the overall piece.

By wearing initials out it shows off your own personal style brand. With a variety of styles to choose from one can demonstrate their own look within every outfit they wear. Monogram necklaces come in different metals from golds and silvers bronze tones with the occasional rose mixed in. One can easily display their style by picking the type and font of the monogram. Monograms range from slender cursive letters, which give off a vintage feel, to bold print letters that suggest a more modern vibe.

Pairing monogram necklaces with an outfit is quite simple. This Fashionista chose an elegant gold monogram with serif accents that enhance the natural shine of the initials. Wearing a burgundy turtleneck helps the Fashionista’s necklace pop due to the luminosity of the gold in contrast to the deep hues of the turtleneck. She paired the turtleneck with a pleated leather skirt to add texture to her outfit. Picking out a set of black tights, she added a touch of warmth to her outfit. To avoid clashing metals, she wore a pair of black boots with a golden buckle. Finishing off her look, she threw on a neutral peacoat to add a sense of sophistication to her style.

How To: To style monogram necklaces choose a specific metal from gold to silver to rose. Then decide upon a style, which can be a more slender and cursive letter or bold print type. One can also choose a single initial or three letters. Monogram necklaces can be paired with everyday wear and be worn on an everyday basis to reflect a Fashionista’s style from elegant to daring.