ALL IN THE DETAILS: Strutting With The Cheetahs

February 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s wintertime, and there’s no better way than to keep your feet warm than with an exciting pair of printed booties. Boots are a crucial accessory during these icy months, and it’s up to you to keep it interesting and do a little researching. There are endless selections of black and brown boots that you can buy year after year, which are by no means immoral to every winter season look book, but they don’t shriek with that eminence of individual expression like unique patterns boots do. These distinctive statement booties are seen in animal print, floral, neon, metallic and abstract designs.

This Fashionista definitely was not afraid with the mixing and matching of the two bold prints of houndstooth and cheetah print. You never know how juxtaposing designs will actually play on one another when paired until they are actually given the chance. Together, they tone each other down. I think this unlikely pair worked well due to the black neutral of her coat and fringed bag, even though they display embellished detail and textured features. Her scarf pulled both of the prints together, almost replicating a fusion of both, and complemented them due to its frilly texture and color combination of the white, brown and beige.

The main reason this outfit worked so well together is due to the two different elements of classic sophistication and frivolous glamour. Just visualize the outfit if the boots were paired with hot pink floral pants. It wouldn’t have created the same quality of a composed playfulness. Her gold dagger earrings accentuated the sharpness of the houndstooth design along with the edginess of the cheetah.

How To: Just bought a pair of courageous printed booties but having a hard time with pairing pants to wear with them? Stay away from the monotonous neutrals and pair them with a print (but with a more juxtaposed likeness). Throw on a black peacoat, fringed bag and a textured scarf and keep jewelry simple with a pair of dangly statement earrings.