ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stripes On Stripes

Trying to dress professional can be quite boring for our Fashionistos. The normal black tie, black pants and white shirt is the go-to outfit for theses types of situations but there are far more colors, prints and textures that men need to know about. Just because they are put in a serious environment does not mean that they have to refrain themselves from trying to look too stylish. So how exactly can men show their true style professionally?

This Fashionisto does just that while breaking the black and white barrier. His outfit is based off of white, gray and light blue tones, which are the perfect winter colors. He pairs a striped shirt with a striped tie. Yes, both items have stripes and it is working. Both pieces are not clashing with one another because each item does not have the same intensity of stripes. The shirt has thin and a subtle amount of stripes, which makes it a blank canvas to use any tie. The important factor here is that both items have similar colors. To finish off this outfit, instead of a blazer, a buttoned sweater was used, which is way warmer for the cold.

How To: Of course going with the classic black tie and white shirt, one can never go wrong. Do not be afraid to experiment with different patterns and textures. What you need to be aware of are the colors and the intensity of each pattern the items have. Being aware of details are essential when mixing and matching items that have uniqueness to it.