ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stripes Meet Floral

March 8th, 2016 at 2:10am

Whether you’re preparing for a date night or just heading to class, it’s never a wrong time to get dressed up and feel stylish. This Fashionisto’s ensemble especially caught my eye because of the unique techniques he used to put his outfit together. He only has one piece of advice for the key to his fashion success. It’s all in the details.

“Patterned shirts are my number one essential fashion statements in my closet. You can dress up an outfit solely by incorporating a classy patterned shirt,” were the words of wisdom spoken from this Fashionisto himself. He also went above and beyond to also utilized the technique of layering to add that extra flare on top of his striped and floral baseball tee. We were both able to agree on the fact that layering pieces with different texture or pattern is one of the easiest ways to recreate a whole new look that doesn’t involve additions to your closet or losses to your wallet. By pairing this jean button-up alongside a cotton T-shirt, this Fashionisto was able to find a perfect balance between comfortable and fashionable. Not to forget that his Sperry Top-Siders were a “non-regrettable purchase due to the amount of comfort it provides to make long lecture days feel like a lazy Netflix day.”

“I’m not too big on accessory items, however, a nice silver watch with a sleek pair of sunglasses is always a must to complete any outerwear,” admitted this Fashionisto. He also emphasized that it is important to push through your fashion comfort zones and experiment with new pieces of clothing you never thought you could pull off. His white jeans was a bold move to rock around classes, but as with any Fashionista/o and clothing item, it’s the confidence you hold that makes the art of fashion live.

How To: Are you new to layering or matching patterns? The best way to get a feel for either is to start simple as if you’re painting a blank canvas. Try layering on textured button-ups with a plain shirt of your favorite color, or find a comfortable shirt with a unique pattern and layer on a basic button-up.