ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stripes in Layers

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stripes in Layers

I’m here with the perfect outfit for layering for those awkward winter days where it feels like spring but it’s obviously not.

This Fashionista creates the ultimate cozy look by paring a three-quarter length striped cardigan with a long sleeve ribbed crop top. The cardigan is just the right piece for this look because it adds a little bit of a contrast with its light brown and dark gray stripes and matching dark gray collar. She pairs it just right with her light gray crop top. I absolutely love this; it’s always a good idea to wear a cute crop top underneath a chunky or oversize cardigan. Since the weather is getting a little warmer, why not right? She then wears it with a pair of indigo-washed high-waisted jeans and the cutest lace up moccasins ever!

What really takes her outfit over the top are her subtle accessories that complement her look. Her gold bangles and matching necklace are to die for! Her necklace, which is in the shape of an eye, has the slightest detail of a crystallized tear drop.

You could pull off this look with any neutral colored, chunky, or oversize cardigan, with a plain top underneath. You could even switch it up and make it a vibrant option, such as a pastel pink, with a plain white T-shirt underneath. This look is the perfect staple if you ever have nothing to wear or it’s just one of those days where you’re not feeling dressing up to your usual standards.